Here's where I can help you:

Keyword Research - Keywords are how your customer will find you in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The trick here is to know how people search for you and what the competition looks like. I've got the skills and the tools to get you these keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Everyone these days is claiming to be an SEO expert. Sadly, they use 5 year old strategies that will actually get you in trouble instead of helping you. You have to keep up with the latest rules and how they effect your rankings in search. I keep up with the latest and greatest practices that search engines love.

Content Creation - You want to have the best quality content to not only amaze your customers, but also to beat your competition in the eyes of search engines. It takes solid and proven processes to hire qualified writers to create excellent content on a consistent basis. I know how to get great writers working for you.

Link Building - Having great content isn't enough these days. You need other websites linking to your content before it will improve on search engine rankings. There's good and bad ways to do this. If you pick the wrong one, you will hurt your website instead of helping it. Let me help you through the right choices so that it's done the right way. We will come up with a safe outreach plan and then implement it.

Conversion Rate Optimization - Not only is getting more visitors to your website important, but you also need to make sure those visitors take the action that you want them to. Whether it's calling your business or filling out a contact form, you want to maximize your traffic.

As an example of my capabilities, one of my recent projects is a website that I got over 30,000 organic searches per month after taking actions in the areas covered above. This site is in a highly competitive niche too, which is hard.

Remember that the position of your site in search results is everything in SEO land (higher rankings like 1, 2, and 3 get most of the clicks by searchers).

Even though there was high competition, with the right actions, the site now ranks in the top 3 for over 250 keywords with over 1,550 keywords on page 1 of search results. That is what is getting most of the 30,000 visitors per month. Traffic continues to grow at over 35% month over month. Would you like these kind of results on your website?

250 Top 3 Rankings
1550 Page 1 Rankings
30000 Monthly Organic Traffic

Here are a few examples of keywords that were ranked:

Keyword 1 has 1,900 monthly searches in a difficult niche. Rankings are on the left axis. 1st page achieved in 2.5 months, and spot 1 stable after 5 months. This win brought in around 550 new visitors to the site each month.

Keyword 2 has 1,400 monthly searches in a difficult niche. Rankings are on the left axis. 1st page achieved in 2 months, and spot 1 and 2 stable after 2.5 months. This win brought in around 300 new visitors to the site each month.

If you are looking for similar results for your site, then all you need to do now is contact me if you have any questions. If you are ready to get started growing your business, you can go ahead and schedule a strategy session with me by clicking on the button below.