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How I Increased A Client's Traffic By 100 X In 12 Months

The Problem

It turns out that in SEO, when you stick to solid fundamentals that are aligned with Google's guidelines, great results happen. In this case study, a client that was operating in a competitive niche needed help. I signed up for the task, and here is what happened.

The Process

First, I got their website in tip top shape. We optimized their user experience, used the best plugins for WordPress, reduced the site speed to below 3 seconds, and implemented best practices.

Next, we did a thorough keyword research analysis on their industry in order to identify exactly how customers were finding them through Google and looked at new keyword opportunities. Armed with the knowledge of the right keywords to use, we then put together a content development plan so that we could start increasing quality content on their site.

We set up a content release schedule, started producing great content, and made sure that each new page was properly optimized for SEO. In parallel, we began an outreach campaign where we networked with other websites in their industry by obtaining quality healthy backlinks with guest posting.

The Results

The results were steady and amazing. When you do everything the right way and focus on quality, it's just a matter of time before you reach your performance goals. Take a look at the results across each month in the graph.

Within 6 months, the traffic went from 268 to 4,130. That's an increase of over 15 times!

It get's even better. Over 12 months, the traffic had gone from 268 to 26,658. That works out to an increase of traffic by a factor of 100! Imagine getting those kind of results in your business.

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