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Want more visitors to your business's website? That's where Plano SEO can help you. With search engine optimization, your website can rank higher in organic search. That means more people will be checking out your products and services.

You know what's great? Plano, Texas is an amazing city to be doing business in. Did you know that Plano was voted the safest city in America, according to Forbes, which based its findings on FBI crime statistics? That's pretty darn amazing if you think about it. What a great place to live.

With so many great citizens living here, it's a fantastic opportunity to improve your business. The only problem is competition from other business owners.

Search engine optimization is one area where you can gain a big advantage over your competitors. Many business owners, even today, are still unaware of how SEO works, or that it's even an option to improve search rankings. Don't worry, we can help get you up to speed.

Just how much better is it to rank higher in Google? Check out this graph that shows how much people click on the different rankings in search results, where positions 1 through 10 appear on page 1. As you will see, much more people click on the top rankings compared to the bottom.

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You can see that position 1 gives you around 30% of clicks compared to the other positions. The higher your rankings, the more clicks you get. If we compare slot 1 to slot 10, there's over a 15x difference! That means if you go from slot 10 to slot 1, you can get 15 times more visitors to your site.

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Here's the deal: Great quality SEO is pretty hard, and that's coming from an expert. It turns out that there are tons of different ranking factors that you have to take into account. It can take years of experience to get desired results. That's what experts are for, we do the heavy lifting for you.

Check out our local SEO guide to see the kind of work that it takes to rank well.

The important thing to remember is that SEO takes time. How much? Typically, with high quality SEO you can possibly start seeing results anywhere from 6-12 months. Therefore, it's a long term strategy, and that's why your competitors probably aren't pursuing it. 

A lot of businesses want quicker results, and often go with pay per click ads, like Google Adwords. Some of them even take risky shortcuts by using cheap tricks to improve their rankings. Google is smarter than them though, so they almost always get caught and punished for it.

The thing you have to realize is that pay per click ads can bring in additional traffic during certain times of the year when you want to push more sales, but it's not the ideal source of your primary traffic. When you stop paying for ads, your traffic stops. 

What most people don't know is that searchers click on real organic search results around 20 times more than they click on ads. If you do the math, it's easy to see that only focusing on pay per click ads means you are missing out on a ton of traffic that comes from organic search.

Here's the good news. We have the expertise and the talent to give you high quality SEO.  That way you get a solid long term strategy that will get you more clients and customers by bringing more visitors to your website.

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Plano SEO - FAQ

What do you mean by high quality SEO services?

In order to practice high quality SEO, it's important to always follow Google's webmaster guidelines. That way, Google sees your website as a great citizen of the internet community and will reward you with better rankings. If you don't go with high quality, you could risk getting your site de-indexed from Google, which means customers will never find you.

What are the typical things that you do to get better rankings?

We start with keyword research. Keywords are what drive internet search. Think of them as market demand. We look at how people are searching for your products and services so that we can tune up your website to be fully aligned with what people are looking for. We can also give you keen insights about your business and your market that you may not of been aware of that people want and search for.

The next step is to optimize your website so that not only do people think that it's great, but so that search engine's like it to. This is called on-page optimization.

After that, we focus on building high quality backlinks to your website. Another important practice is being a great internet neighbor. Great content with great relationships usually results in more natural backlinks to your website. By developing relationships with other websites in your industry, you look better in Google's eyes as a trustworthy authority. 

Why should I choose you over other services?

We are a local SEO Plano company located right up the road. That means we can hop in a car and drive over to your place of business and meet in person any time you need us to. We are part of the community.

Our greatest advantage is that we focus on high quality service. We believe in building long term successful results and only use encouraged techniques by Google so that your business follows all of the rules and best practices.

How do I know you can get results?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in SEO. Some people or agencies will claim they can get you specific results, but they are either being dishonest or will use risky tactics that may get you a short term result, but could damage your website long term. We look at our overall performance that we have seen with our other clients to give you an idea of what to expect. That way we show you what we are capable of and give full transparency on what we do.

One question for you is how did you find this page? We ranked in Google search and you clicked on it, which is exactly what we want to do for your business. If you are reading this, then we succeeded.

Something to keep in mind is that the industry average for SEO results is around a 2.7x in return on investment. We usually shoot for 5x where applicable. During a strategy session with us we can take a look and see what your expectations are, how your market looks, and what the best options are for you moving forward to make sure we are a good fit.

Below is a graph showing how we are ranking a national high competition keyword for a client (ranking position on left side):

I'm interested, what is the next step?

Your next step is simple. Just call us or click on the button below to set up a time where we can jump on a call and talk about your business and how we can help you. We would love to hear from you.